Deter Shoplifters!
Protect your inventory with EAS Security Systems

Welcome to EAS Security Systems. We are a Canadian Company and proud to have some of Canada's largest retailers as our customers.

At EAS Security Systems, we believe that an EAS System will deter shoplifting.

When you deter shoplifters, your profits increase because more items remain on your store’s shelves to be sold, rather than shoplifted.
Your defense against shoplifting includes the high visibility of the electronic article surveillance antennas at your store’s entrance and exits,
as well as the tags and labels on your merchandise.
Thieves quickly see that a store has a Loss Prevention Policy and
generally leave in search of an easier location. 
Our products are compatible with other RF 8.2MHz systems.

Please contact EAS SECURITY SYSTEMS at 1-902-830-7233 (AST) or E-mail us at

Our products include:

    Antennas/Gates    Self-Alarming Tags     Hard Tags     Optical Tags     Ink Tags     Bottle Tags   
   Deactivation Units     Detachers     Lanyards     Safers     Clutches     Paper Labels     Pins






x Wraps are tags that have cables that wrap a product by turning the top clockwise to make the cables tighter. They are locked in place by pushing in a button.
If someone attempts to cut the cables, it will alarm a high pitched sound alerting staff.
If the tag passes through the system it will also alarm the antennas. The 3 alarm tag will also self-alarm when passing by the gates.  
They are reusable and removed by using a Detacher. Cable lengths: 11” - 4’

SP01 Self Alarming Small Box Wrap with Cables - 2 Alarm    Unit Dimension: 45Dia' x 45mm   Cable Length: 11.8"

SP03 Self Alarming LARGE Box Wrap with Cables - 2 Alarm    Unit Dimension: 70Dia' x 47mm                           SP08 - 3 Alarm Tag

      SP03 Self Alarming MEDIUM Box Wrap with Cables - 2 Alarm   Dimension: 72Dia' x 51mm  Cable Length: 2’ 6.3"

     SP09 Cable Lock- 3 Alarm    Unit Dimension: 83 x 28 x 21mm      Lanyard Length: 175mm/1200mm                 


RF 8.2MHz hard tags are reusable tags that don’t leave the store. They can be attached to clothing, boots, towels, blankets, blister packs, razors blades, etc.
They require a pin to attach them to items. They can be used with a lanyard. They are removed by using a Detacher.

HT01 Mini Square     Unit Dimension: 48 x 42mm     Color: Gray or White or Black

 HT20 Cone      Unit Dimension: 64mm Dia'     Color: Gray or White

                   HT73 Golf Club Tag     Unit Dimension: 61.5 x 53 x 20.1mm    Color: Gray or White

                HT74 Golf Club Tag      Unit Dimension: 56 x 33.5 x 28.6mm      Color: Gray or White

                   HT75 Clamp Tag     Unit Dimension: 50 x 40 x 24mm     Color: Gray or White

Optical tags are reusable tags that protect sunglasses and reading glasses. The tag attaches to the arm so it doesn’t interfere with a customer trying on the glasses.
It requires a small detacher (DT02) that turns the lock to release the tag.


    OP01 Optical Tag      Unit Dimension: 31.5 x 23 x 25mm      Color: Gray or White

   OP02 Optical Tag       Unit Dimension: 28.7 x 18 x 27mm

                                                  OP03 Optical Tag      Unit Dimension: 39 x 20.3 x 49.5mm

                                                                              OP06 Optical Tag     Unit Dimension: 61 x 16 x 24mmk

                                                                                                            OP11 Optical Tag  Unit Dimension: 44 x 25 x 15mm

                                                                                                                           OP96 Two Feet Tag Optical Use


 INK02 Ink Tag – 8.2MHz Alarm     Unit Dimension: 50 Dia' x 19mm

                                  INK06 Ink Tag With Own Pin     Unit Dimension: 56mm Dia'      Pin Length: 16 / 19mm 
  INK14 Ink Pin No Frequency     Unit Dimension: 41.7 x 10.6 x 26mm   Pin Length: 16 / 19mm


BT01 Mini Square BT    Unit Dimension: 48 x 42mm   Lanyard Type: Metal cable    Lanyard Length: 480mm           BT04 Bottle Tag With Plastic Cable Without Ball         Unit Dimension: 56mm Dia'          Lanyard Length: 150mm

                   BT05 Liquor Bottle Tag


An RF 8.2mhz Deactivation Pad deactivates a paper label so that it can leave the store attached to the product without alarming the antennas/gates.
It can be installed under a wooden counter or above a metal counter. The size is only 12” x 12”. Every cash register will require a pad.
If 2 cash registers are near each other, then one power supply can power 2 pads saving the need for an extra unit.
The pad deactivates a paper label within 8” above the pad. A product doesn’t need to be placed directly on it to have the paper label deactivated.



A Detacher is a strong magnet that will remove a Box Wrap, Hard Tag, Cable Lock, etc. after the product has been purchased.
They are simple to use and attach to a counter or can be used by hand.

                                                          DT02 Detacher   OPTICAL Detacher
      DT03 Detacher     Unit Dimension: 100 x 47mm     Magnetic Force: Normal / Strong       DT12 Dome Plus           Unit Dimension: 75Dia' x 45mm     Magnetic Force: Super
    DT13 Dome Detacher     Unit Dimension: 70Dia' x 45mm      Magnetic Force: Strong
           DT06 Standard         Unit Dimension: 95Dia' x 30mm      Magnetic Force: Normal

                                              Hand Held Detacher


            CL01 Clutch      Unit Dimension: 27Dia' x 19mm     Plastic Color: Gray or White
           L02 Clutch         Unit Dimension: 19Dia' x 16mm       Plastic Color: Gray or White

A reusable lanyard can be used to place a hard tag on merchandise with a handle, etc. 
They require a pin to be able to attach them with a hard tag. They are removed by using a Detacher.

      ARK 01 Ark Tag     39 x 25 x 19mm    Gray or White  Lanyard Length: 175mm     Pin Length: 16 / 19mm
      LY02 Lanyard          Unit Dimension: 1.8mm Dia     Lanyard Length: 175m 
     LY03 Lanyard     Unit Dimension: 1.8mm       


An RF (Radio Frequency) 8.2MHz soft tag/paper label can be placed on any merchandise except metal.
The tag leaves the store attached to the merchandise and is deactivated at the point of sale when the product/tag is “waved” over the Deactivation Pad.

~ PL01 Labels    Unit Dimension: 40 x 40mm        White or Barcode               ~ PL04 Labels    Unit Dimension: 30 x 30mm       White or Barcode  

Pins are used to attach a hard tag or lanyard to a product. They are reusable and never leave the store. They are removed from merchandise by using a Detacher.

            PIN01 Flat Steel Pin comes with Hard Tags     Unit Dimension: 12mm Dia'      Pin Length: 16 / 19mm
        PIN03 General Steel Pin     Unit Dimension: 20mm Dia'     Pin Length: 16 / 19mm
                                    PIN13 Plastic Pin    Unit Dimension: 20mm Dia'    Color: White      Pin Length: 16 / 19mm
       PIN26 Clear Plastic Pin     Unit Dimension: 30mm Dia'     Pin Length: 16 / 19mm

 Please contact us if there is a product you need but do not see it on our website.
We would be happy to provide you with a quote for your store. 


Phone: 1-902-830-7233